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You're One In A Melon

Good Food in Salem, Oregon!

What if there were a healthy, affordable, tasty eating option in Salem, Oregon? A meal that was sustainable, local, and benefited the community? Good Food in Salem, Oregon?

….Where’s the gluten free and vegan options at? What if you have a dietary restriction but still want to eat out? I’m tired of settling for beyond impossible burgers when I go out to eat downtown.

When the decision comes down to affordable, healthy, sustainable food you have to think twice about where to go. So we set out to fix that.

Introducing “One In A Melon Meals”!

Our goal: to provide Oregonians a sustainable and nutritious meal

We use locally sourced, handpicked, and only the freshest ingredients to present you with high-quality and nutritious food that never fails to amaze. We believe in improving the community and its health one plate at a time.

After all, who doesn’t want scrumptious food that keeps you well?

We’ve done our best to remove all packaging and plastics that pollute our landfills and rivers and continue to look into ways to reduce waste!

Did you know A traditional restaurant produces almost 100,000 lbs of waste in a year.

How can we as a community continue to put out awesome amazing food in Salem, Oregon without further contributing to waste? Simple! We’ve eliminated over 90% of the common trash contributing products from our operation! All of our To-Go, sauce containers, napkins, and plastic bags are produced exclusively with plant fibers. Toss ’em in the compost bin and they become soil in 2 months or less!

Build your own protein power bowl or choose from our favorites!


We can’t wait to serve you!

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Good Food in Salem Oregon

One In A Melon Meals
located on the left side of Beehive Station across from Safeway in Salem, Oregon!
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Nutritious & Delicious Food in Salem, Oregon

One In A Melon Meals is located at
Beehive Station

1510 Fabry Rd SE S

Salem, OR 97306

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We service catering events of any type!

Birthday parties, office events, corporate, weddings, lunch parties, school districts and more! We can cater any size event. Give us a call today to discuss more about our gluten free catering packages. Family style meals that serve 10 or more are available with three days advanced notice.

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Salem, Oregon

1510 Fabry Rd SE S

Salem, OR 97306

+1 503 714 1720


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